INFINITI Gallery Lease Return Options

September 04 2019, INFINITI Gallery

INFINITI Gallery Lease Return Options

Lease Return Options. Made Easy.

No matter which road you travel, INFINITI Gallery lease experts can help you find the best option for you.
The Lease Maturity process for your INFINITI is simple. To ensure everything runs smoothly, there are several options to consider.

INFINITI lease return - upgrade


Ready to explore new options? View our newest model lineup and discover the best option to suit your lifestyle.

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INFINITI leasing return - refinance

Because your journey shouldn't end when your lease does. Continue your route and refinance your vehicle.

INFINITI lease options - purchase

Make it official and drive home in your INFINITI today. Contact your INFINITI Gallery Financial Advisor for details.

INFINITI lease options - sell or return

No matter the make or model, INFINITI Gallery will purchase your maturing lease.

After all, you've traveled long and far to end up where you are, but your adventures are just beginning.

Contact INFINITI Gallery for further details.

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INFINITI Gallery Owner Loyalty Program

Discover the benefits of the INFINITI Gallery Owner Loyalty Program.* Whether you own, finance, or lease, INFINITI Gallery has the options for you. Customers who choose to lease or finance any new and previously unregistered INFINITI vehicle with INFINITI Financial Services are eligible to choose either a 2.0% Rate Reduction or up to $3,000 in INFINITI Gallery Loyalty Dollars. INFINITI Gallery Loyalty Dollars are applied as a reduction of the final negotiated selling price of the vehicle after taxes.

Program Eligibility

  • Any current INFINITI owner (including members of the same household, residing at the same address).
  • All current drivers with active Financial Services contract.
  • Any previous INFINITI and Nissan customer whose previous contracts have concluded no more than 6-months before the start date of their new contract.

Contact INFINITI Gallery to find out more about the exclusive INFINITI Loyalty Program.

*The INFINITI Loyalty Program is available to customers who currently own an INFINITI vehicle which has been registered in their name for at least 90 days prior to the RDR date of their new Eligible Vehicle, and to customers who currently lease/finance an INFINITI vehicle with INFINITI Financial Services ("IFS") or have previously leased/financed an INFINITI vehicle with IFS provided that the IFS contract ended no later than 6 months from the start date of their new IFS contract. Offer is available to co-owners/co-lessees/co-signors of the customer or anyone else who resides at the same address as the customer. Proof of ownership and/or lease/finance contract is required. Offer is non-transferrable. The offer is available on all new and unregistered model year 2017 Q50/Q60 Coupe/QX30/QX50/QX60/QX70/QX80/Q70 INFINITI vehicles (excluding Fleet and daily rentals). Customers may choose one of the following offers: model year 2017: a 2%/1.5%/1%/1%/1%/1.5%/1%/1% reduction of the Annual Percentage Rate ("APR") of an Eligible Vehicle that is leased/financed, through IFS to a minimum of: 0% finance APR; or 0% lease APR. Rates cannot be reduced below the applicable stated minimum APR; or (ii) a stackable rebate, applied after taxes in the amount of model year 2017: $2,000/$1,500/$1,000/$1,000/$1,000/$2,000/$2,000/$3,000, which means that Loyalty Dollars are inclusive of all applicable taxes. Loyalty Dollars can be applied in 1 or more of the following ways: (i) deducted from the negotiated selling price of an Eligible Vehicle after taxes; (ii) to help off-set payments, penalties and/or any other costs associated with ending the current lease/finance contract with IFS and entering into a new lease/finance contract with IFS; or (iii) towards the purchase of the INFINITI Protection Plan. Customer will be responsible for all other costs, payments, fees, penalties that are not included in this offer. Offer has no cash value and can be combined with other offers, except for any conquest offers. The offer is available on select new and unregistered 2017 models. Offer has no cash value and can be combined with other offers, except for any conquest offers. Offer valid on Eligible Vehicles purchased/leased/financed and delivered between December 1, 2017 and December 31, 2018. Offer subject to change or cancellation without notice. Contact INFINITI Gallery for details.